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Computer Based How To Start An Import Export Business Training Course That Will Become Your Treasured Lifetime International Trade Resource And Reference Library

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The Import Export Course detailed here is the ONLY export import management course that in 25+ years (since 1988) of being in this business that I, Ron Coble, owner of this website, feel confident in presenting to our worldwide audience.

Before continuing, you need to know there are TWO FREE Need-To-Have Import Export Course Lessons/Resources utilized in my business almost on a daily basis linked to in this page.  These lessons/resources are given to you whether you purchase the import export training course outlined here or not, and  quite frankly, they are lessons/resources drawn from 24+ years of experience and you place your future success at serious risk by not taking advantage of them.

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Had this import export course been available in 1988, when I got started, it would have saved me hundreds of hours in the library, numerous time consuming visits with importers, exporters, international bankers and government officials.  It would have also saved thousands of dollars on import export training materials that were either worthless or which made exporting and importing seem almost impossible.

Procuring this how to start an import export business training course will help you save both time and money and also make you the owner of a comprehensive computer based international trade resource and reference library that you can access 24/7 on your personal computer.

Billions Of Dollars Of Goods And Services Are Exchanged Every Day Through Successful International Trade Transactions - Yes, Even In Today's Economy!

The November 2012 U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services report by the Department of Commerceís U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Economic Analysis shows Exports increased to $182.6 billion in November from $180.8 billion in October (revised). Exports saw the largest increases in both capital goods ($0.9 billion) and automotive vehicles, parts, and engines ($0.7 billion). , that is a lot of "Billions" and those figures are only the monthly "INCREASE" over the same month the previous year.

Did you know that the fastest growth of exports over the last 10 years has been from small and mid-sized companies? That is about $200 Billion a year or more than 30% in the last ten years and in many other countries it is growing even faster.

There is a surprise hidden in all those statistics (one that this export import management course can possibly help you take advantage of):

most small to medium sized Manufacturers are not exporting their products

Now we know what that headline means for invest in their future by getting this export import management course training package but what about for those of you located outside the USA?  Not being located in the USA or North America you may rightfully question if this import export course known as this "toolkit" will be helpful to you, well GOOD NEWS - the export import training toolkit provides step-by-step detailed instruction of both basic and advanced international trade business processes employed throughout the world.

Your Import Export Course Training Includes The Following:
(Don't forget, Your FIRST TWO lessons in international trade success are FREE and provided below, so keep reading)
NOTE: You Must Have A Broadband Connection & Windows Based Computer For This Course

Start an Export BusinessExporter's Master Training Program includes the following -  (NOTE: Blue underlined links below will open new pages that provide full page detailed descriptions of each training course component, if you wish to review them):

  • Computer User's Guide to Running Your Own Exporting Company - includes:

    • Exporter's Action Pack tutorial includes a 60-minute introductory video and sample forms and agreements you can modify with your own company name

    • How to Start and Operate a Profitable Home-Based Exporting Company - a digital manual that is a basic export business training guide

    • Magic Carpet! How Your Computer Can Carry You to Big Profits in International Trade -  a digital manual explaining how you can use your personal computer and the Internet to operate your own profit generating global trading company

    • How to Make $100,000 a Year With Your Own Export Management Company video

  • Consulting Service For One Year Via E-mail - for up to One Year after you purchase this training course, if there is a question that is not answered in the course materials (which is doubtful), you may email your question or questions to our international trade course publisher

  • Export Connection - which includes:

    • Two Videos with 140 minutes of Insider Exporting Business Information you need to know in order to turn the trading processes into profits

    • A 150 page digital manual with chapters tailored to the video segments making it very easy to find the right information you need to close the deal

Exporting Liquidation-Surplus Merchandise Business EbookComputer User's Guide Exporting Overstock -  Surplus And Liquidation Merchandise includes the following:

  • Ebook that will show you how to begin earning global profits exporting closeouts - surplus - overstocks and liquidation products to foreign buyers who are eager to buy these low cost and often high quality products for a fraction of the original cost.  You will also be shown ways to sell these types of products in the domestic market as well. Plus, there are numerous links to listings of real-world suppliers of overstock/liquidation products most in demand.

Start an Import BusinessComputer Userís Guide to Running Your Own Import Business includes the following:

  • Importers Action Pack with easy step-by-step guidance to starting your own importing business and reaching profitability

  • Resources for Importers Guide with the best websites to help you find qualified suppliers of low cost, high profit margin imported products - PDF format

  • Importer's Success Project - one hour video about starting your importing business

  • Importer's Mail Order Handbook - a companion digital PDF guide that you can print out and follow while watching the above mentioned "Importer's Success" video

Dear Ron,

Your Import Export Toolkit is excellent. So much information, easy to understand. I'm lucky that I didn't go with the other program that would of cost me over $8000. If anybody follow this program they will be successful. Thanks again.

Afshin M. - Pickerington, Ohio USA - February 18, 2009

More Import Export Course Testimonials - Click Here Start An Import Export Business

Approximately 70% of the import export training information is proprietary which means you "will not" find it anywhere else - it is unique.  In regards to the other 30% of the information, yes, you may be able to find it on your own, however, this course will show you how to use this information, advise you about what is worth your time and what is not. You are not going to find this time-saving insight in any other export import training resource available.  So ask yourself, what is your time worth?

This import export course presumes you have no previous experience in international trade, but even if you do, you will benefit from the proprietary information it will provide you and it's lifetime value as a reference library available to you 24/7 on your computer is priceless.

Keep in mind, this export import training course is based on multiple sources of international trade experience, including my own, our publisher's, the previous course customer's and other people with whom we have worked over the past 24 years.  The import export course information is constantly updated to reflect not only changes in resources, websites, but to reflect new concerns, discoveries and questions from previous customers.

This import export course, unlike any other that is out there, is a work in process because it reflects not only what our publisher and we know but also what has been learned from other new traders. If a question is asked by previous course customers more than once on the same subject, the answer will always be included in future updates or explained better if it is already included.

Working directly with our publisher since 1993, they tell me that there are fewer and fewer questions about the nuts-and-bolts international trade information being asked by customers via the one year email consulting part of the course. This is a clear indication that previous course customers are finding the answers they need in the course materials because they have been constantly updated with previously asked questions and answers.

But what about those companies that promise to get you started in international trade -- after an $8,000+ investment? Are they for real? Here's my take on them . . . . . 

Having been in the business since 1988 and owning one of the oldest, registered international trade web sites on the Internet (check our 11-15-1999 created date here) I can tell you that just about every publisher of export import training materials and books has asked us to offer their resource on this web site but to REPEAT what was stated early in this page, in ALL those years this course represents the very best international trade training course available.  

Your First TWO Import Export Training Lessons/Resources
(As Promised!)

Your first free lesson begins HERE.  The first FREE lesson/resource about starting an import export business "and" succeeding at it teaches you the importance of performing "Due Diligence" on the people and businesses you are considering doing business with, both domestically and internationally (BE SURE to visit the FREE Due Diligence resources through the link below and bookmark the web page as a favorite - these are VERY VALUABLE resources that we use in our international business operations EVERY day!)

Webster dictionary defines "Due Diligence" as follows:
"Research and analysis of a company or organization done in preparation for a business transaction"

You might be asking, what is so important about "due diligence"?

The answer is easy. Due diligence is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in your everyday import export business operations and it helps you make the best decision possible.  Your decision today is about which export import management course will be best for you.

But Why is Due Diligence So Important?

First, if you are unwilling to perform due diligence research on who you get your import export training from, then seriously, you need to sit down and really think about if this business is what you want to pursue.

Second, because as the Internet has grown so rapidly, so too has the number of training providers and just like international business and trade, you need to be "EXTREMELY" careful with whom you deal.

Third, as an example of how important due diligence research is to even a small business, like ours, it has saved us from losing over $1 million dollars from fraudulent orders since 2001.

What Is The Long Term Value Of This Free Import Export Training Lesson?

If saving one's business from over ONE MILLION DOLLARS in fraudulent orders does not say enough about the long term value, there probably isn't much else that you can be shown that will convince you how valuable a lesson it is.

Performing due diligence on the person(s) and companies you are considering doing business with, whether it is buying from, selling to or acting as an agent for, is 'extremely' important.  And, at this stage, it is extremely important for you to choose the best export import training course.

In making this extremely important decision, you must be diligent in determining the reliability of who you are taking your advice from in regards to making your decision about entering the international trade business and which export import course is best for you. How valuable was your time in earning the funds you are going to expend for a course? How valuable is the time you will spend learning from that course??  And, last how valuable is your future?

You "DO NOT" Need To Be Certified
To Start An Import Export Business!

You 'do not' need to be certified or have a certificate on your wall to succeed in the importing or exporting business.  Anyone can buy a computer program that will print out fancy looking certificates and place your name in the blank space making it appear very official. These "highly expensive feel good" pieces of paper are offered because many people are under the mistaken belief that a certificate on their wall will somehow convey an extra level of confidence or credibility to a potential client.

Granted, some people may feel more confident about themselves by having a certificate on the wall but, quite frankly, it isn't going to mean squat to a company owner or president when (and if) you bring it up to him or her in a conversation.

To complete your first lesson in starting an import export business, you are now going to be given free access to a comprehensive group of international business resources to help you perform your due diligence research.  Be sure to bookmark or mark as a favorite when you open this new page as it contains very valuable import export business resources.

The direct link below opens a new page and takes you to our company information page - when the page is fully loaded, scroll down to the area sub-titled "Due Diligence" - there you will find the list of "independent" free to use import export business resources you may use now and in the future to research both businesses and/or individuals you may be considering doing business with:

Company Information - Due Diligence Resources
(remember to bookmark OR mark it as a favorite so you may easily refer to it again in the future)

What Is The Lifetime Value Of
Your Export Import Course Reference Library?

Now that you have hopefully explored at least some of the import export training toolkit resource pages linked to above, and hopefully you will have begun to realize the extreme "lifetime value" you will receive with your course and how it really is an international trade reference library beyond any other that is available.

To put this into some kind of perspective, here is something found in a newsletter recently that is quite appropriate to the toolkit import export business training course:

Everything you need to obtain an MBA is probably available online, but the critical question is whether it's worth the time it will take you to find it before you can begin learning it.  What is your return on investment?  Is it really worthwhile for you to potentially spend hundreds of hours of your time trying to research and piecemeal the education you need to succeed when the research has already been completed and is available to you in ONE comprehensive course?

The point here is, yes, you may very well be able to find "some" of the information you need to start an import export business on the Internet for free, BUT what is your time worth to do the research to find it? And, how much of that free information was worth the time it took you to find it and review it??

Now if you are ready to start your own import export business or you are seeking to expand your company's market into the global marketplace, then scroll to the bottom of this page and order your import export training toolkit now.

Remember, By ordering your Import Export Training Toolkit TODAY, you will also receive some very valuable Bonus Import Export Business Resources That I Personally Use Almost Every Day


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