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Exporting can be a profitable business for those who are willing to take the time to learn how it works and since starting our business in 1988 the Exporter's Master Package is the best how to export training packages we have found to teach you how to start an exporting business.

Before continuing, you need to know there are TWO Very Valuable Export Business Lessons/Resources contained in this page, so be sure to read the entire page.

As an export training consultant and publisher for over 24 years, most of our training products and services are related to learning how to export because our research and experience has found the exporting business has far more opportunities and much more help available from both private and government assistance than you will find with importing.

Billions In Goods And Services Are Exchanged Each And Every Day Through Successful International Trade Transactions - Yes, Even In Today's Economy!

The April 2010 U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services report by the Department of Commerce’s U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Economic Analysis shows from April 2009 to April 2010 exports were up $24.7 billion, or 19.9 percent that is a lot of "Billions" and those figures are only the monthly "INCREASE" over the same month last year.

Did you know that over the last 10 years the fastest growth of exports has been from small and mid-sized companies? About $200 Billion a year or more than 30% in the last ten years and in many other countries it is growing even faster.

Start an Export BusinessThe Exporter's Master Package was created to provide you with the most comprehensive self-study export training course on the market today.  However, before continuing on down the page to learn more about this export business training course, please be sure to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the FREE LESSONS referred to above "whether" you choose this course or another, the KNOWLEDGE you will gain from these lessons will benefit you in your international trade business.

Two recent additions to one of these FREE LESSONS include "How To Find Legitimate Buyers For Your Products" and "Perils of International Trade".  There is so much valuable "REAL BUSINESS" information in this ONE LESSON resource that you really need to read through ALL of it before making a decision about getting into this business.

Exporting is a business that requires Knowledge, patience, Persistence and commitment

If you are only "considering" or "contemplating" starting an exporting business, you really need to understand that this business requires both patience. persistence and commitment and if after reviewing the FREE lessons you are still just considering, then you should really evaluate if international trade is really what you want to do.

If you are one of the few who knows that exporting is the business you "really" want to pursue and you have already completed the "considering" or "contemplating" stage and you are committed to exporting, the Exporter's Master Package how to export training package is the best resource to help you.

How to Export Training Materials Included In
The Exporter's Master Package

NOTE: Each BLUE underlined link will OPEN a NEW web page which describes that specific course component - it is suggested that you review each to help you make the BEST and MOST INFORMED decision possible.
NOTE: You Must Have A Broadband Connection & Windows Based Computer For This Course

This comprehensive How to Export Training package includes the following exporting business resources:
(click the links below to review complete details of each component of this course) - SPECIAL NOTE: Any reference to CD Roms on the below listed component web pages should be disregarded as ALL course materials are delivered electronically via download from the membership site - once downloaded to your computer, you may make copies for your own use or as a backup onto CD Roms/DVD's or whatever storage format you wish to use.

The Computer User's Guide to Running Your Own Exporting Business Company which is a $166.00 Value and includes:

  • The "Exporter's Action Pack"

  • The how to export training digital manual "Magic Carpet! How Your Computer Can Carry You to Big Profits in International Trade"

  • One year of "E-mail Trade Consulting Service"

The Computer User's Guide to Exporting Overstock and Surplus Merchandise which is a $49.95 Value and includes:Exporting Liquidation-Surplus Merchandise Business Ebook

  • An Ebook that will teach you how to begin earning global profits exporting overstocks, surplus, closeouts and liquidation merchandise to importer/ buyers from around the world who are anxious to buy these low cost products for a fraction of their original cost.  This ebook will also show you how to sell this type of merchandise to the domestic market and provide numerous links to listings of suppliers of overstock/liquidation products most in demand..

The Export Connection which is a $199.00 Value and includes:

  • Two How to Export Training Videos with 140 minutes of Insider Exporting Information

  • A 125 page digital PDF guide with export training chapters tailored to the video segments

The How to Make $100,000 a Year With Your Own Export Management Company how to export training video which is a $78.00 Value

The valuable how to export training guide How to Start and Operate a Profitable Home-Based Exporting Company digital tutorial which is a $29.95 Value

Order TODAY and you will also receive A Group of FREE International Business Resources That I Personally Use In My Business

This is one powerhouse of how to export training materials. The "Exporter's Master Package" how to export training materials includes all of the above listed course instruction materials ARE NOW AVAILABLE VIA OUR PUBLISHER'S ONLINE MEMBERSHIP and also includes a full year's subscription to a monthly e-newsletter in addition to a full year's e-mail consulting service.

This how to export training package is one terrific value and quite frankly, there is no better how to export training package that we have found in our 24 years in this business.

Speaking from 24 years in this business, please do yourself a BIG FAVOR before purchasing our How To Export Training course OR ANY other course that you may be considering, take advantage of the following FREE lesson.

FREE first lesson in operating an Exporting business

The next decision you need to make is "who can you trust" among all those advertisements you will find on and off the Internet - it is difficult.  So you are encouraged to compare who we are to all the other export training program providers you may be considering.  You should consider this a FREE and very valuable lesson that you will need in your exporting business.

In your exporting business, you will need to become somewhat of a detective.  The process is often called "due diligence" and basically means you need to check out the validity and credibility of the companies or individuals you may be shipping goods to half way around the world or to whom you recommend a manufacturer ship their goods.

But what about those companies that promise to get you started in international trade -- after an $8,000+ investment? Are they for real? Here's my take on them . . . . . 

The link below will open a new page - it is our company information page - wait until this page fully loads, then scroll down to the sub-title "Due Diligence" - there you will find an wide-ranging list of Independent and FREE resources you may use now and in the future to research businesses and/or individuals that you may be considering doing business with or recommending to others for them to do business with - Click Here Now > Company Information - Due Diligence Resources - (be sure to bookmark the web page so you may easily refer to it again in the future when needed).

Hopefully after performing your due diligence and comparing what our course provides and how we stand up against any of our competitors, you will be know which course is best for you and order the Exporter's Master Package.

This especially applies to the folks who are considering taking one of those, what I call "hand holding" courses offered for $8,000 on up to $39,000 (believe it - I had someone just tell me they saw one advertised for that price)?  

You DO NOT need to take out a 2nd mortgage or small business loan to learn how to export profitably NOR will you find success at the HIGH end of your credit card limit!

The "Exporter's Master Package" is ONLY $301.00 and it is the perfect export training resource to help improve the profitability of your present business or to help you get started. Just one new tip from this valuable package could propel you to success in the global marketplace.

Click Here Now to Order the "Exporter's Master Package
TODAY for ONLY $301.00

Dear Ron,

Your Import Export Toolkit is excellent. So much information, easy to understand. I'm lucky that I didn't go with the other program that would of cost me over $8000. If anybody follow this program they will be successful. Thanks again.

Afshin M. - Pickerington, Ohio USA - February 18, 2009

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Are you interested in both Importing and Exporting?
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Remember, By ordering your Export Business Training TODAY, you will also receive some very valuable Bonus International Business Resources That I Personally Use In My Business

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