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Now even part time exporters can cash in big in the phenomenal growth in international trade using an IBM-compatible computer and this remarkable exporting business training package.

SPECIAL NOTE: This training package is a component of the Exporter's Master Training Package and this page is provided to help you understand the vast amount of valuable resources you will be receiving. 

"Let me show you how your computer can carry you to big profits in the Exporting Business ... and I'll be your personal on-line consultant while you do it!"
-- Dennis J. Hessler, Producer of the best selling video, "How to Make $100,000 a Year with Your Own Export Management Company"

I have been helping entrepreneurs get started in the exporting business since 1988 and I've never seen anything like this package. I'm talking about really using the power of a personal computer -- like the one you probably have in your home or office.

Your computer is a communications device. A presentation tool. An advisor.  A bookkeeper. And, it can be your teacher too.  Do you have a personal computer? Then you are in business - - and business, especially the exporting business is booming.

Your personal computer is also a great equalizer.  It can put you on an equal footing with the big exporting business traders. It makes it possible for even a newcomer to the exporting business to make profitable trades in the international marketplace ... if you know how.

You must understand that we are living in a global economy. The days of surviving by selling only in the U.S. market are over, forever. Going global has become the quickest way to growing your profits.  And the best way to get there? Your computer, the Internet and the Exporting Business. You see, the information superhighway is really a highway to new and increased profits. And now here is your ramp to this superhighway - it is called:

The Computer Userís Guide to Running
Your Own Exporting Business Company

and in the last 17 years it has gotten hundreds of exporters get started and many others expand their share of this incredibly lucrative market.

How to Start a Computer Based Exporting BusinessThe Computer Userís Guide to Running Your Own Exporting Business Company will help you discover how to get started. In addition to walking you through your first export trade, the video portion of this program includes 140 minutes of video with some of the best tips and secrets about starting and succeeding in the exporting business. If you have Windows 95/98 or newer versions on your computer, you can run this profitable program.

"About four years ago I started an Export Company which did not do well due to lack of knowledge and information. I went out of business in the first month. I kept on researching until I saw your advertisement. By following your step- by- step program outline, I am back in business. I am doing well and have been in business for five months now. Again, thank you very much." -- Sam Omari, Samari Global Trade Inc., New York, NY

This exclusive training package provides the FOUR KEY COMPONENTS you need to unlock the power of your personal computer to show you how to generate profits in the exporting business.


This guide is both a teaching tool and a valuable exporting business resource itself. The guide is the heart of the program -- and also includes in-depth and enjoyable tutorial with real world profit making tips. Here's just some of what's contained in the pages of this tutorial:

  • How to earn huge profits in exporting as an export agent, export merchant and export consultant all at the same time.
  • What commission percentage to charge your supplier or hourly rate if you are an  export consultant.
  • Learn the secret of determining the best products to export.
  • Discover a guaranteed way to get a suppliers begging you to sell their products.
  • Learn how to spot fakes and scams.
  • Plus, you can go through a sample trade transaction and discover the consequences of your decisions, before it costs you money for being wrong.

This tutorial is more than just an electronic PDF book.  The simple hypertext teaching environment makes it easy to learn.  And while the exporting business is serious, that doesn't mean it has to be dull. Humor and graphics are used to make the tutorial not only enlightening, but fun.

The part of your program is full of trade resources, data bases, sample letters, agreements, contacts, trade leads, and more. Here is some more of what's contained on this part of your course:

  • A huge export lexicon of terms important to the trader.
  • Sample agreements, letters, and a pro forma invoice. You can load all of these into your word processor and modify as necessary.
  • A huge resources directory.
  • A complete listing of Harmonized System and SIC Codes and instructions on how to use them.
"I wanted to drop you a note of thanks. The materials came . . . they were excellent. I believe that your approach and view are perfect for someone who is just starting out. They provide a neat "road map" for the person who has business skills and is new to the export management company world . . . I viewed the videos and they did a fantastic job of bringing to life the players involved." -- Ronald D., Newtown, CT


It's called, "Magic Carpet! How Your Computer Can Carry You to Big Profits in International Trade." This digital guide is unlike anything you have ever seen and is worth far more than the price for the entire package. This digital manual shows you how to use the Online Information Superhighway and the Internet to maximize your international trade profits!

You get all of the following in this valuable 70 page digital guide, and a lot more:

  • Step-by-step instructions for using online services to make export sales.
  • How to use your computer to research through government data bases and specialized online trade bulletin boards.
  • Learn how to access the National Trade Data Bank and Economic Bulletin Board.
  • Discover how to use the Internet as a vital exporting business tool.
  • A first time ever compilation of hundreds of commercial online services and Internet addresses valuable to exporting businesses, including web sites, forums, libraries, mailing lists, and newsgroups
  • E-mail addresses of International Chamber of Commerce and trade promotion organizations.
"The demo, tutorial and tape were very good as well as being entertaining! The guide listing the Internet sites was comprehensive and very descriptive. Great investment!" -- S.R. Goodman, Compass International Co., Long Branch, NJ


For ONE YEAR, you will receive the "International Trade Connection" newsletter by email. This newsletter is narrowly focused on the needs and experiences of new exporters and importers. There is a decided slant toward cyber issues such as new ways to use your computer in international trade and spotlights on some great web sites. And you will not just be given a web address. You will be shown how to use a particular site to make money as a global trader right away. Believe me, you can easily be swamped in all the web sites out there. This is a $79.00 value in itself.


To help you succeed, our publisher and author of this exporting business training package has added a brand new service. However, this added benefit may only be available for a limited time. Order today and you will also be entitled to his new "E-mail International Trade Consulting Service." 

For one year, you can contact him via email for free international trade advice and recommendations on your exporting business related questions. His normal fee is $150 per hour for this service. This FREE consultation service can save you thousands of dollars.

"I received your guide and found it highly educational and entertaining. Congratulations for your very well though out product and services." -- Francisco Valdes, Galleon Trade, Madrid, Spain

The response to "The Computer User's Guide to Running Your Own Exporting Business Company" has been incredible. The package is tailor-made for the computer user who wants to start and run their own exporting business -- even from home and in your spare time. Even new traders with little computer experience have been singing its praises.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Your course materials are delivered to you via a membership site to which you will be granted access for ONE YEAR - You will have access to the member site for ONE YEAR but you are encouraged to download ALL materials immediately and make BACKUP copies of all materials.

I am no computer expert, and believe me when I say, this training package was prepared for people like me who appreciate the value of the personal computer in international trade, but aren't experts in using one.

"I started my own home-based export management company 3 years ago. If I had seen your information 3 years ago I might have saved perhaps 2 years of the learning curve I found myself in. Anyone who follows your plan could earn a respectable living in a very short amount of time." -- Guy Daniels, Transea International, Oakland, CA

The complete "Computer User's Guide to Running Your Own Exporting Business Company" package is the perfect way to jump start your international trade business. This training package, combined with your energies and talents, will go a long way toward assuring an exciting and profitable future in the global marketplace.

"I have received and have read most of the material you sent me on export. First, let me say how refreshing your approach to teaching is. I really enjoyed it. . . I just watched the video you sent. I thought it was very helpful and shed even more light on the subject than I got from the books and computer program alone." -- Jack Willis, Littleton, CO



The Exporter's Master Package includes everything
listed on this page, PLUS:


Computer User's Guide To Starting An Exporting Business

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