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What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping means that the wholesale products distributor or "dropshippers" that you find in the Online Wholesale Supplier Dropship Directory will ship each wholesale product you sell direct to your customer AFTER they buy and pay you for that product.

Dropshipping sales via your online auction, website or from your mail order business is one of the easiest methods for you to achieve success.

By working with a dropship vendor from the Online Wholesale Supplier Dropship Directory you will not need to purchase large quantities of wholesale products. Therefore, you will not need to warehouse products and you will never have the time consuming task of packaging and shipping products.

Dropshipping using a dropship vendor listed in the Online Wholesale Supplier Dropship Directory means you get paid the retail price from your customers "before" you pay the dropship supplier to ship the product(s) to your customer.

Dropshipping is the best and least expensive method to test markets so you may retail only the best products.

Just how successful can dropshipping be For You?

Here is one example of how successful dropshipping can be.  In 2002, our Internet based business had approximately $115,000.00 in salesOver $93,000 of the $115K were sales of items that a dropship vendor shipped direct to our customers.  That was $93,000 of products we "never" had to inventory, package or handle in any way.

Drop shipping, even part time, allowed our little family business to reach a level that I was able to retire early on the 3rd of January 2003.

By working with the dropshippers in the Online Wholesale Supplier DropShip Directory you can begin to build your own profitable business in your spare time.

What You Will Find In The Online Wholesale Drop Ship Directory...

  • Brand Name Wholesale Products distributors compiled and Published by the ONLY Drop Ship and Wholesale Directory Publisher that is CERTIFIED BY EBAY
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                                   Drop Ship Directory
  • This Drop Ship Directory is unique and is the most "thorough" drop shipping business resource that can help save you time in locating wholesale Specialty and Brand Name merchandise to market in your online auction or in your offline business.
  • A web-based cross-referenced wholesale merchandise source directory of drop shipping wholesalers for over 3,000,000 quality wholesale products and wholesale general merchandise from 4,000 Name Brands that is updated constantly in REAL TIME.
  • This is the only Drop Ship Directory that has a track record for helping you locate (quickly) wholesale merchandise dealers willing to perform wholesale product dropshipping for you. 
  • The best brand name wholesale merchandise available that gives you the wholesale drop shippers name, address, telephone, web site, email address, point of contact, credit terms, ordering procedures and the last time this drop shippers listing was updated. **NOTE** ALL drop shipper listings are continually re-verified and updated or removed, if necessary.
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                                Drop Ship Directory
  • The only online business resource with complete instructions on how to deal with wholesale drop shippers.  You will be given drop shipping business tricks, articles, advice and tips, including how to work with top brand name dropshipping wholesale distributors and manufacturers.
  • An Auction resource that you can use from any Internet connection around the world.  Once your dropship directory order is processed, you will be able to access it from "ANY" computer in the WORLD.
  • One of the most reputable online business resources available - proven by the "FACT" they are the only Drop Ship Directory eBay has Certified as a Solution Provider.

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"After reading through your information at your web site, I decided to purchase The Drop Ship Directory. Having been misled several times that week, I was a little nervous. Not to worry. I was thrilled when I got into the directory for the first time.  I must say that I am extremely impressed because it is every bit as fabulous as your web site claims. Thanks again."

Kristin F. ... Online Wholesale Drop Ship Directory Member - (additional testimonials may be reviewed at the dropship directory web site)

What You "WILL NOT" Find In The Online Wholesale Drop Shippers Source Directory...

  • You Will Not Find The Online Wholesale Drop Ship Directory is just another junk filled list of addresses someone gathered off of the Internet.
  • You Will Not Find The Online Wholesale Drop Shippers Source Directory to be another cheap 30 or 40 page "wholesale catalog" or "wholesale products directories" that has not been updated for 2 years. The RELIABILITY and QUALITY of your drop shipper listings is what is important here.
  • You Will Not Find "middlemen" who ask you for fees to use their services or self-proclaimed "drop shippers" that comprise 98% of the free listings found on the Internet. What you will find is a "PROFESSIONAL" directory that provides you with "COMPLETE" contact information of wholesale drop shippers who have a reputation and stand by it when they say "we dropship" - these are your TRUE drop shippers.
  • You Will Not Find The Drop Ship Source Directory a "here today and gone tomorrow" operation. This is the ONLY Drop Ship Source Directory offered on our web site - I stake my reputation of being in and doing international business since 1988 on it.  And if that isn't enough, then stake it on eBay who has Certified them as a service provider.

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As the owner of this web site, I would like to add my own "Special" comment about the Online Wholesale Supplier Drop Ship Directory....

My wife and I have started Coble International in March 1988 (now over 18 years ago) and we have had a web site since 1997. During those 20 years we have been offered many different publications and online business resources to review.

Upon reviewing other wholesale supplier dropship directories, we found them to be of very poor quality and they did not provide the level of quality and accuracy we demand for our customers.

Then we were asked to review an Online Wholesale Supplier Dropship directory and found it had the most accurate data we had ever encountered and therefore it became (and still is) the "BEST VALUE" for you and our other customers.

So if you are ready to ORDER Click Here or take your FREE Tour by Clicking Here Now and begin TODAY to use the power of the Online Wholesale Supplier Drop Ship Directory to start and grow your own successful home based business that will can help earn money at home and while having the time to enjoy it.

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