National Business Directory Provides You Unlimited Contact Rights To Database Of Over 13 Million USA Business Listings For 3 Cents Per Record

The Business USA Business Directory is one of the few (possibly the only one) business lists in the US that allows you "unlimited contact" rights to over 13,000,000 American companies at an industry low price of only per record and delivers your database within 1 business day (or less) in an Excel file by Email or direct download from our server.

  • Records Include All Data Fields
  • Only 3¢ Or Less Per Record
  • Unlimited Contact Privileges
  • Free Counts And Quotes
  • Free Help Targeting Your Market
  • Sample Records Available For Your Review
  • LOW Minimum Orders Of Only $250
  • No Subscription Fees Required
  • Call 717-467-1835 Or Use The Form Below To Request Your Free Quote
  • Target Your Market by SIC Code, annual sales or employee numbers, zip code, or other data selects

Why is "unlimited contact rights" so important?  Because most business list companies give you only "one time contact rights".

Unlike these other business list brokers who limit you to one time use of a record, you may contact the prospects you get from us as often as your marketing efforts deem it worthwhile.  Other database companies have what are often referred to as "plants" built into their lists and if you mail or call one of those plants more than one time, you will be billed for each time you make contact - not so with us.

This American business directory is much more than just your average database, it is both a national business directory and a complete business marketing solution. Our nationwide business directory database is constantly updated to provide you with access to the best and most accurate information possible.

A search term that many people use to locate business lists in the US is simply "buy business list".  The unfortunate thing is, many of the people using this search term have never purchased a database from a list broker before and do not realize that all databases are not the same and your rights to use them are often "very limited".

Our USA business directory database is nothing like one you will find from larger database/list brokers who will charge you extra for every additional field of data over the basic listing price which significantly increases your overall cost per record.

Instead of being charged extra for additional fields, our American business directory database provides you with "all fields of data" available for each listing for the same "industry low" flat rate per record price of only per record.  This little benefit can potentially save you hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars from the charges that the larger competitors will tack on for these extra fields.  Scroll down to see screen capture images of the numerous data fields you will receive.

As stated above, the national business directory database is available for only per record with an industry low minimum order of only $250.00 and your order is compiled to your specific database marketing requirements (most list companies require a $500.00 minimum order).

Your national business directory database will be fully searchable by Company Name or many other fields, including the ability to search for and target the most effective business listings for your marketing needs such as:

  • The size of the business based on Number of Employees or Annual Sales.

  • The SIC Codes (Standard Industrial Classification) for each type of business you wish to target.

  • The geographical region (i.e. zip or postal code, county, state, province) you wish to target.

  • By targeting the national business directory database to your targeted needs, you will avoid marketing to the wrong prospects and save precious time and resources

  • Not wasting your time or that of an employee by calling listings in phone books and instead will be maximizing your efforts by focusing your time and resources towards a list specific to your business.

Targeted Business Lists In The US Specific To Your Marketing Requirements

The national business directory is an ideal resource to help you with:

  • Gathering Intelligence On Your Competition 

  • Telemarketing Programs

  • Direct Mailing Promotions

  • Market Research Studies

  • Sourcing New Suppliers, Reps or Distributors 

  • Formation of New Partnerships or Business Ventures

  • Identify Qualified Sales Leads

Each year thousands of American companies within this USA national business directory database have large amounts of data that changes and requires updating, that is why the database is continuously updated through some of the following methods:

  • Yellow and White Page Directories

  • Companies changing or registering at our publisher's web site

  • Phone verification

  • USA Government agencies 

  • Leading business publications and newspapers  

  • Chambers of Commerce and USA Business Associations

  • New company registrations and incorporations 

  • Trade shows and Business seminars  

  • Commerce registers

  • Direct marketing firms

  • Data fields available on the American Business Lists/Directories:

    • Company Name

    • Address

    • City

    • State/Province

    • Zip/Postal Code

    • Telephone

    • Fax

    • Sales Volume

    • Number of Employees

    • Contact, Contact Title

    • SIC Code, SIC Name and more

Actual screenshot of Business USA Business Directory Data in an Excel spreadsheet.
The sample is from one page but it is split to fit screen.

Business USA Business Directory Exported Data Sample One
Business USA Business Directory Exported Data Sample Two

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US and Canada records are only 3¢ each with a $250.00 minimum order.
Data fields include: Business Category, Standard Industrial Code (SIC), Company Name, Street Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Telephone, Fax, Web, Email, Contact Person, Title, Annual Sales Figures (USD), Number of Employees, Products Made or Services Rendered.

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How To Order Your American Business Directory Database


Call us at 717-467-1835 or use the contact link below to send us your target groups or use our SIC Code Lists to compile your target SIC's and send them to us along with your name, telephone number and the best time(s) to call you. Because each database order is unique, you will be provided with quotation based on your specific database requirements and your order will be taken by phone or fax after you have had time to review it.

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SPECIAL NOTE: Excel files provide "Unlimited" export capability. 

Most orders are generally processed within hours of receipt and depending upon the size of the file may be Emailed to you or if the file is large, you will be provided with a Password and UserID to download your file direct from a special website established for that purpose.

Due to the proprietary nature and high value of our American business directory databases and the fact that once you have downloaded the data to your computer you have unlimited use of that data, there are NO REFUNDS!

If you find any of the links or any part of this web page not functioning properly, please help out by visiting our contact page by clicking on the following link and send us an note to advise us of problem you may have encountered on the Business USA Business Directory page so we may get it corrected.

When ordering your American business directory database if your data file is too large to be emailed, you will be provided with a UserId and Password to access our special download site.  When downloaded to your hard drive it will launch automatically.

Although few people searching for business lists in the US will ever need the complete Business USA Business Directory of over 13 million business listings within American companies, it is available as a stand alone database that can be downloaded direct from our servers. Leasing options are also available for the entire database (call us for a quotation).

The stand alone USA national business directory is also available as part of a combination trade directory package that provides you access to over 15 Million businesses in the USA, Canada and Mexico.  This combination package includes over 13 million listings from USA companies, over 1.1 million listings from Canadian companies and over 1 million Mexican businesses (the Mexico database is priced at 20 per record).

Complete database lease pricing or sale price is available upon request
(Serious Inquiries Only)

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