Importer List And Exporter List Directories
Business To Business Trade Directory Index Of 430,000 Buyers And Sellers From Around The World

Click the "Title" links below for complete details on each business to business directory:

  • International Email Directory of 18,000 Worldwide Importers - This package includes a  CD-Rom that features easy "one-click" direct internet access to 18,000 importers; A hard cover ring binder with 610 pages of comprehensive cross referenced product and commodity index, as well as a complete detailed listing of all companies and One full year of access to the publisher's 'exclusive' online international trade leads website of worldwide importers (buyers) (there were over 10,000 trade leads made available on this site last year).

  • International Business To Business Directory of Importers - The International Business To Business Directory of Importers is your detailed comprehensive international business to business resource tool to help you contact 150,000 importers (buyers) in 160 different countries. The 9 international business trade directory of importers volumes cover the following geographic areas: European Importers, North American Importers, South and Central American Importers, Asia-Pacific importers, Middle Eastern importers and African importers. This set of Regional business to business directories of importers are available in Printed format or on CD-ROM.

  • Business To Business Directories of Importers (Buyers) Listed by Product/Commodity - The International Business To Business Directory of Importers is also available as 50 Product - Commodity specific international business to business trade directories each providing you with worldwide coverage of a specific group of products such as computer importers, home accessories importers, automotive equipment importers, etc. The Commodity Trade Directories of Importers are available in Printed format or on CD-ROM.

  • International Trade Directory of Importer Agents - Importer Distributors - Importer Wholesalers - The International Directory of Importer Agents, Importing Distributors and Importing Wholesalers is your alphabetical and classified international business to business directory to over 34,000 worldwide importer agents, distributors and wholesale buyers in 160 different countries. This international business directory is organized by company, product and country to help you locate and identify qualified global business prospects in seconds. Currently available in Printed format only.

  • Drop Shippers Directory - The most comprehensive drop shipping business to business directory that will help you find Name Brand and Specialty items to market.  A cross-referenced, web-based wholesale product directory of Drop shipping wholesalers for over 2,000,000 world-class Brand Name products, updated in REAL TIME via the Internet.  You can immediately access the Drop Ship Directory via the Internet from anywhere immediately in the world.

  • Doing Business In China - business directories and resources to help you and your business into the booming Chinese marketplace - you can buy direct from China or direct from importers here in the USA who have already imported the products. You will also find out how potentially profitable it may be for your company to move some or all of your production to China.

  • American Business Lists - These lists include a Canadian Business Directory with over 1 million Canadian company listings so they could be called the "North" American Business Lists. In addition to the Canada business list, these business to business directories include a USA Business Directory with over 12 million listings and a USA Business Email directory with over 5 million USA business listings with email addresses.

  • Doing Business In Mexico - business lists and database directories to help you get your share of the $248 billion Mexican market - access over 160,000 Mexican exporters, importers, manufacturing companies, Maquiladoras and literally every type of business with vital information you will not find anywhere else.

  • Canadian Business Directory - comprehensive business database of over 1.1 Million company listings from Canada.

The comprehensive business to business directory index has been specially designed and compiled to help you as a manufacturer, exporter, importer, international trader, export agent/broker, finder, wholesaler or other business sales representative to begin or expand your business.

Each business to business directory will help you find the exact type of importer, exporter, agent, distributor, or wholesaler that you have been searching for in a particular country or geographical area. The business to business directory index can help you obtain an increasing share of profits in your chosen market.

Here are just a few of the types of business and global trade organizations that use our business to business directory resources and marketing services:

  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce

  • United States Government

  • The American Chamber of Commerce of Cairo, Egypt

  • PROMPEX - Peru's Government Agency for Export Promotion

  • State of Virginia Economic Development Program

  • China External Trade Development Council

  • Calgary - Alberta, Canada Public Library

  • Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (PTA Bank-Kenya)

  • Muskegon Community College

  • Both large and small manufacturers

  • All types of international businesses involved in import-export in 68 countries

Just one of our business to business directory resources could be your link to new profits and a larger share of your marketplace.  Check them out today - before your competitors do! 

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