International Importers Directory
Includes An Importer List Of Over 150,000 Worldwide Importers

The International Importers Directory is a 9-volume business-to-business reference importer list numbering over 150,000 worldwide importers from 160 countriesYou will find included in this comprehensive importer list: 

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Free Global B2B Marketing Resources
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EXPORTERS:  This unique importer directory set has been in publication since the 1970's and IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE - SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE TO FIND DETAILS OF OUR NEW DIRECTORY DATABASE.

The International Importers Directory is available as a set or may choose one or more regions that best suit your needs. The regional titles are as follows: European Importers - Middle Eastern Importers - North American Importers - South and Central American Importers - Africa Importers and Asia/Pacific Importers.

  • Asia importers - including Japan Importers - China Importers

  • USA importers and Canadian importers

  • Europe importers - including UK importers, German Importers, Italian Importers and French Importers

  • South and Central American importers including Mexican Importers and Brazilian Importers

  • African importers

  • Middle Eastern importers.

Trade Lead Providers - Including The United States Government Are Closing, Here Is Why...

Attempting to compile a database of importers for your products can be quite fruitless, exceedingly painstaking and at the least very time-consuming.  Now, even STAT-USA, the USA government agency that ran one of the foremost trade leads services around is shutting down September 30th , 2010.  This helps explain why the publisher of the importers directory advertised above has closed and why there simply will be NO importer directories of "legitimate" importers anywhere, for any price that are up to date and not filled a time wasting load of scammers waiting to prey on unsuspecting exporting companies.

When asked by a close business associate of ours, the STAT-USA director advised him they were ending the trade leads program because getting quality leads had been harder and harder to compile and those that they did were not very good quality.  Real importers, she said, were simply not submitting their requests anymore because exporters and manufacturers can be found so easily on the Internet.

This was one of the main reasons our publisher decided to close shop and retire rather than trying to sell it.  He concluded that if the US government agency whose sole job is to promote trade cannot compile quality leads, well, I think you get the point?

So that brings us to a new resource our ongoing research has identified.  One that helps you get direct access to LARGE VOLUME buying companies known as WHOLESALERS AND DISTRIBUTORS that are PROVEN businesses and not just someone who simply filled out an online form and submitted it asking for pricing and free samples, of course (you know exactly what we are talking about, don't you?).

your best Resource To Make DIRECT Communication With LARGE VOLUME Buyers Of Your Products

Since the directory detailed above is no longer available, your VERY BEST source to help you get in touch with many potential LARGE VOLUME BUYERS for your products can be found in SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) Business List Groups 50 and 51 which are Wholesalers and Distributors (each six digit 50/51 SIC code identifies the product they buy).

  • Only 3¢ Per Listing
  • Unlimited Contact Rights
  • Each Listing Includes All Data Fields
  • Free Counts And Quotes
  • No Subscription Fees
  • Free Personalized Expert Advice
  • Updated June 2011
  • Sample Listings Available
  • Industry Low $250 Minimum Order
  • Call Us At 717-467-1835 Or Click To Request A Free Quote Now
  • Target your marketing by sales volume, type of business, number of employees and other data selects

Most "legitimate" Importers are no longer advertising the fact they are seeking products out of fear from exposing their email address to the multitude of spammers and fraudsters. They also know that MOST legitimate suppliers now have websites (NOTE: great reason why you should have a website) so they can seek them without exposing themselves to the harassment of scammers and time-wasters who will call or email them.

MOST exporters are totally unaware that these SIC groups exist because they, like every other exporter, are looking for trade leads that say "hey, I want to import your product".  But, in the Wholesalers/Distributors lists, you have ESTABLISHED businesses that are already BUYING LARGE AMOUNTS of the products you may be manufacturing or exporting.  So it only makes COMMON sense that while everyone else is chasing time wasting importer trade leads, you and your company can be contacting and marketing to REAL, HIGH VOLUME BUYERS and turning them onto the value of IMPORTING FROM YOUR COMPANY!

The SIC Code lists for Wholesalers and Distributors are available in Excel format (other formats also available) that can be emailed to you within 1 business day. These lists are available from the following countries: USA, Canada and Mexico.

Use the form at the bottom of this page to request a Count and Quote for the countries in which you are seeking a list quotation or to ask any questions about the lists.


The publisher of this directory has gone out of business - read below for details on the best database resource available to help you find new customers for your products

Your BEST potential large volume customers are titled"Distributors" and "Wholesalers" - these businesses are identified by SICcodes
(Standard Industrial Classification).

SIC code groups 50 and 51 identify"Wholesalers" and "Distributors" (which are large volume buyers of products) and you can be provided with a list of the companies within these groups that deal SPECIFICALLY with your PRODUCTS.

Click the link below to see how SPECIFIC the Wholesalers and Distributors can be chosen and then fill out the short form below to request a quote for the list that fits your targeted market.

This NEW database is available in EXCEL (other formats also available) and it can be emailed to youor downloaded from our servers within one business day.

Click Here To View Wholesalers and Distributors SIC Groups



USA or Canadian listings are only 3¢ each with a $250.00 minimum order
Mexico listings are only 20¢ per record with a $200.00 minimum order
Data fields include: Company Name, Street Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Telephone, Fax, Contact Person, Title, Annual Sales Figures (USD), Number of Employees, Standard Industrial Code (SIC) w/Industry Description.

MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Bank Wire Transfer or Paypal Accepted

Request A Quote For Specific Wholesalers/Distributors
Minimum List Order Is $250.00USD

Due to the proprietarynature and high value of our data and the fact that once you have downloaded the data you will have unlimited use of that data, there are NO REFUNDS!

Mexico Business Directory

EUROPE TRADE DIRECTORY OF IMPORTERS - 2010 edition - NO LONGER AVAILABLE - 1 CD Rom or 3 printed volumes provided in three-ring binders provides you with approximately 54,000 importers from both Western and Eastern European countries.

NORTH AMERICAN DIRECTORY OF US IMPORTERS AND CANADIAN IMPORTERS - 2010 edition - NO LONGER AVAILABLE - available in 1 printed volume or CD Rom - this detailed importer list of 19,000 importers covers both Canada and the United States.

Click here> Canadian Business Directory for complete details on the largest database of companies located in Canada - over 1.1 million business listings in an Excel format - this is ALL types of companies listed by SIC code.

ASIA-PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DIRECTORY OF IMPORTERS - 2010 edition - NO LONGER AVAILABLE - 2 printed volumes importer list  with approximately 1,094 pages containing 32,000 importers from South Korea, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Indonesia, Mauritius, South Pacific Islands, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, China and Uzbekistan.

MIDDLE EASTERN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DIRECTORY OF IMPORTERS - 2010 edition - NO LONGER AVAILABLE - available in 1 printed volume or CD Rom - includes importer listings from Jordan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, Lebanon, Oman, Syria, Turkey and United Arab Emirates and includes over 13,000 importers. (NOTE: Egypt is not included in this directory - Egypt is included in the AFRICA directory)

SOUTH-CENTRAL AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DIRECTORY OF IMPORTERS - 2010 edition - NO LONGER AVAILABLE - 1 printed volume or CD Rom contains an importer list with 23,000 importers from the West Indies, Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras, Guyana, El Salvador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Guatemala, Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Chile, Haiti, Bahamas, Jamaica, Panama, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina.

AFRICAN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DIRECTORY OF IMPORTERS - 2010 edition - NO LONGER AVAILABLE - 1 printed volume of 424 pages with an importer list that includes more than 9,000 importers from 42 countries.

COMPLETE SET OF ALL 6 REGIONAL TRADE DIRECTORIES - 2010 edition - NO LONGER AVAILABLE - 9 printed volumes with approximately 5,000 pages. This complete international importers directory set includes more than 150,000 importers from 178 countries.

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