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Our China Sourcing Service Can Help Your Company Maximize Profits Through Quality Assured Manufacturing In China

If your company is considering China sourcing to get products at a lower cost to import or if you are interested in going to full scale production using China manufacturing to help you lower your production costs and continue to be competitive in your market, attempting to go it on your own can often be quite intimidating.

There are many pros and cons of sourcing in China and while many Canadian and US companies are already manufacturing in China, generally many companies with annual revenues of $50MM or less have yet to take advantage of outsourcing manufacturing to China.

Having the time, money, expertise or resources to evaluate outsourcing manufacturing to China by accommodating a full-scale factory, as many larger companies are capable of doing, often prevents many companies from considering the possibilities of sourcing in China.

Moreover, not all products are right for manufacturing in China.  These are just a few of the reasons why you should let our American based China sourcing service, with a team of sourcing experts in China, help you determine if you can make money with Chinese manufacturing.

Our Mainland China Sourcing And Trading Service Partners With You In This Process So Our Interests Are The Same

We are not agents or brokers for Chinese factories, instead we partner with you in the procurement process so both our interests are the same. Our Mainland China sourcing and trading service welcomes inquiries from companies of all sizes and you are invited to call us at 717-467-1835 or submit a Manufacturing In China Request For Quote.

Your company's needs and requirements are foremost when negotiations are carried on your behalf with factory owners to provide you and your company with a comprehensive quote for your requirements at your target price (or below). While every project may not be right for manufacturing in China, if your requirements make economic sense, we can help you achieve your goals through the quality relationships we have forged with manufacturers representing a myriad of industries in China.

The end result is to create a scenario where every party involved achieves their goals. You win by getting a quality product at your target price (or better) which helps to keep you competitive in your market place and the Chinese manufacturing facility wins by getting your contract and hopefully an ongoing supply relationship.

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Six Steps To Success With China Sourcing

  1. Step One - You supply product information such as specifications, drawings, special material requirements, target price, quantities and anticipated lead-time.  Note: Your target price times the quantity you are seeking should equal $50,000US or higher to make manufacturing in China economically practical.

  2. Step Two - A thorough analysis of your product is performed by our Beijing engineering staff to help determine whether it is a "China sourcing" project (product is currently being manufactured within your specifications) or a "contract manufacturing" project.  We will determine the tooling cost and ask you whether or not you want a tooled sample or a "hand-made" sample.  If it is the latter, there may be a "tooling" charge.

  3. Step Three -  Your products are sourced from either already existing sources of production or manufacturing through our family factories or trusted pre-screened factory network, working on your behalf we negotiate the best possible price for you (we are 'not' factory agents), you are then provided a quotation that will include our service fee (generally 10%) for the product which will include estimated delivery time.

  4. Step Four - If a sample order is requested, a quotation for the sample is provided and upon your inspection and approval, purchase orders for contract quantities are placed.

  5. Step Five - Mass production is begun, you advise us of your preferred shipping methods (air or ocean freight).

  6. Step Six - Production is completed, packaged according to your specifications and your order is loaded into a shipping container for delivery to the USA and to your facility.

Your company may already be manufacturing in China or sourcing imports from Mainland China, Hong Kong or Taiwan, but....

  • Are you having any quality control issues with your present supplier?

  • Are you sure you are getting the best prices possible?

  • Are you having any shipping issues?

  • Do you know and are you dealing direct with the "real" decision makers in the China manufacturing facilities your company is currently using?

  • Do the pitfalls of sourcing in China ever seem to outweigh the benefits?

If your company is still in the deliberation phase of evaluating the pros and cons of sourcing in China, then you may be asking questions like "how will your company go about getting your products manufactured in China?" or "how will your company avoid the potential pitfalls that can and often do arise when using China manufacturing?"

Our American based China sourcing and trading services can answer your questions and help take the mystery out of dealing with the Chinese by providing you with a no cost evaluation and quotation for either sourcing of products already in production or custom manufacturing in China of your products.

Call us today at 717-467-1835 or submit a confidential, no cost China Sourcing Request For Quote to learn if your product makes sense and is right for manufacturing in China.

Additional Benefits Your Company Gains From Our China Sourcing Services:

  • Direct Access to our UNIQUE resource (and relationship) that no other China sourcing service is likely able to offer you.

  • Obtaining the BEST Price possible for Your company - this is our greatest strength!

  • Quality Control Assurance - one of the biggest problems to deal with when manufacturing in China

  • RISK-FREE transaction - the final price is subject to your approval

  • Due Diligence - when you are going to manufacture in China or any country, you need to know who you are dealing with - we perform comprehensive background checks

  • Translation, Interpretation of drawings to the Chinese languages, trade show representation

  • Direct access to Chinese factory owners who are family members of our senior partners

  • Direct access to manufacturing facilities pre-screened by our engineering and sourcing staff in China

  • Direct access to our experienced staff of sourcing experts located in China

  • Direct access to our Full Time Engineering staff in China

  • Understanding the various Chinese management styles - not understanding how Chinese conduct business can expose you and your company to many risks

  • Direct access to "Boots and Roots" in both the USA and China which is extremely important to your success and profitability - click the following link to meet the Mainland China sourcing and trading team with whom you will be working - China Business Consulting 

The bottom line, sourcing or manufacturing in China may not be cost effective or right for your company's needs or products and, as stated earlier, not all products are suited for manufacturing in China.  You will never know unless you give us a call or submit a no cost evaluation request.

Call us today at 717-467-1835 or submit a Confidential China Sourcing Request For Quote to get your No Cost evaluation. Non-Disclosure Agreements can be provided if you product(s) are proprietary or you just feel more comfortable having one completed prior to providing details of your project.

If, after our initial review, your project is deemed economically right for manufacturing in China, you will be provided with a quotation based on the information you provide.  Then, after you have all the facts in the form of a quotation, will you be able to make a fully informed decision about whether China sourcing is right for your company.

 China Sourcing Trip
Ms. Zhang, one of our partners (in white coat) with factory owners, managers, and American client from
Fort Worth Texas on a recent China manufacturing facility inspection trip.  Would you like join us on the next trip?

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