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Our China Business Consultant Service Provides You With Direct Access To Quality Chinese Manufacturers At NO UPFRONT COST

As your China business consultants, Coble International and our Chinese-American business partners specialize in helping companies manufacture or procure products in Mainland China at substantial savings ranging from 20% to 60%.

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The pace of outsourcing to China by large companies has grown tremendously in recent years as these companies have learned about and made the decision to take advantage of the lower material and labor costs China is able to provide.

However, in many instances, it has not been cost effective for most smaller to mid-size companies to capitalize on this new emerging industrial center, due to numerous barriers, all of which can be quite daunting.

This is where our China business consulting and contracting services can help you and your company.  Here are just a few of the barriers our China business consulting service can help you and your business overcome:





A unique combination of circumstances, talents and assets have Teamed Up to form Our China business consulting service

A unique combination of circumstances, talents and assets have teamed up to form our China business consulting service in a manner that gives any size manufacturer, distributor, retailer, or importer a competitive edge over your competitors.

There is an element to our service that cannot be replicated and that exceptional advantage can now be your edge

Beijing China Business District At Dusk
Beijing China Business District

Our China business consulting service partners are a Chinese-American family-owned business with strong, established family owned factory and quality business relationships in China.  These quality relationships will help you to bypass the usual challenges of doing business in China and help your company experience a smooth transition into Chinese manufacturing and procurement.

Meet your China business consulting team:

Ron Coble Senior China Business Consultant Ron Coble will be your primary contact for coordinating your manufacturing and procurement in China. Twenty years experience in international trade.  Additionally, over 20 years experience in a critical item procurement area, working closely with manufacturers, technicians, engineers, inspectors to ensure materials were procured to the strictest of quality standards.
Hui Zhang President China Business Consulting Hui Zhang is our primary liaison with our Chinese engineers and manufacturing facilities. She is a 1995 graduate and valedictorian from Shanghai Jiao Tong University where she studied technical English. Her work experiences include working with several Chinese American joint ventures including Armstrong Building Materials and General Motors.
Murray Smith Managing Partner China Business Consulting
Murray Smith works with Hui on the Chinese side of the business. He graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas. Murray successfully built an Internet software company, providing e-commerce merchant tools which he sold in 1999.  After building a successful real estate business, he focused on international trade, helping American manufacturers with Chinese relationships.

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You and your company will benefit from our combined international trade experience and business expertise and our unique capabilities to construct scenarios where both your business and the Chinese factory supplying your products profit from the transaction.

Utilizing our services can help your company achieve increased profits and competitiveness in your marketplace and overcome the potential risks of doing business in China.

Our China business consultant service works with you and for you to provide your company direct access to quality Chinese manufacturers that have been developed through our experienced USA based mainland China business consulting team.

you gain an Advantage over your competition with an element In our china business consultant service that cannot be replicated

You are probably interested in learning how you can gain the "advantage" on your competition by using our service and what exactly are the "unique" combination of talents and assets you gain access to when working with us.

Our partners, Hui and Murray, handle the Chinese side of the business along with their China based staff, provide the special set of circumstances and assets unique to our China business consulting service.

Hui (pronounced "way") is the element (talent and incredible asset) of this service that, in our humble opinion, cannot be replicated. Hui has been living in the United States for about 8 years and as mentioned above, she graduated valedictorian in her class at Jao Tong University Shanghai in technical English (she speaks excellent English).

Communication skills - specifically "technical communication" are vital
when using Chinese manufacturing
- Errors cost money and time -

Hui is a US citizen, but continues to maintain communication with all of her business contacts and family in China, often traveling to China 4 or more times a year. Typically someone who writes and speaks English as well as Hui must have lived in the USA for decades, consequently most (if not all) of their relationships and contacts are lost.

Hui's family own 14 factories that have established quality relationships with a myriad of other manufacturers in China - relationships of this kind are your key to getting a competitive quotation and quality product and is the only way real business gets done in China.

One thing that needs to be clear is that we are not sales agents for any of the Chinese factories.  Your interests are our interests and we are working for you when Hui is negotiating, she is negotiating on your behalf.

When most American business people (or those from other countries) try to communicate with Chinese factories for the first time, the factory owners tend to boost their prices.

Your distinct and greatest advantage in having us negotiating on your behalf is that you gain the confidence in getting pricing from either family owned factories or the manufacturing facilities in their Guanxi network.  Guanxi is a term for this type of relationship, here is a brief explanation:

One of the key success dynamics for doing business in China is Guanxi, which is a networking relationship, either personal or business level. Guanxi connections develop from many sources, such as family connections or long- time personal friendships, shared interests from doing business for years, being classmates at universities or previous experience from military service or government.

You and your company win on pricing because the prices are coming directly from either family or the family's network of quality factories in China.

This is why Hui is your "advantage" over the competition in your industry and the key "asset and talent" in our China business consulting service that you will not find replicated elsewhere.

Our China Business Consulting Service Currently Has Manufacturing Facilities Located In The Following Chinese Cities:

  • Shanghai, China

  • Wei Hai, China

  • Tsing Tao, China

  • Beijing, China

Call us today at 717-467-1835 or submit a Confidential Request For Quote to learn if your company might experience savings ranging from 20-60% by moving some or all of your production to China or increase your profits by beginning to source your inventory requirements from China.

China Business Consulting Staff
China Business Consulting Staff

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