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Excellent Example Of Making Business Introductions By Email That Is Also A Good Sample Business Quote Format

The email below was received on September 22, 2008 and provides an excellent sample business quote format that you should really consider incorporating in your quotation emails.

Nothing has been changed (except for the removal of our email address) and although there are some definite faults which will be outlined at the bottom of this page, this provides you with an excellent example for making business introductions by email.

    From: "Commodities" <>
    Subject: Commodities - Offer of Sugar - September/2008 -


    Offer: Sugar IC45

    Payment:  FFSBLC total contract.




    150.000 MT

    12 X 12.500

    USD 320,00 CIF ASWP

    300.000 MT

    12 X 25.000

    USD 305,00 CIF ASWP

    450.000 MT

    12 X 37.500

    USD 275,00 CIF ASWP

    600.000 MT

    12 X 50.000

    USD 270,00 CIF ASWP

     ** Amounts above of 600.000 MT under consultation **





    USD 375,00 CIF ASWP


    USD 370,00 CIF ASWP


    USD 365,00 CIF ASWP


     1)     Buyer issues a LOI + RWA + NCND
     2)     Seller issues FCO
     3)     Buyer sign, seal and return the FCO
     4)     Seller issues Draft Contract
     5)     Buyer sign, seal and return the Contract, seller sign the Contract and return to the Buyer
     6)     Buyer and Seller deposit a copy of the executed Contract to their respective Banks.
     7)     Within 3 (three) banking days, Buyer Bank sends a Non-operative FFSBLC or BG for total      shipment value to the sellerís bank
     8)     Within 48 hours Sellerís Bank sends Proof of Products (POP) + PB 2% via Swift Bank to Bank methods to the Buyerís Bank
     9)     FFSBLC or BG operative
    10)  Shipment.

    Very Best Regards,


    Mr. Franklin Conde (Representative)
    Phone: 0055 (17) 3121-9641
    Mobile: 0055 (17) 9706-9367
    Skype: falecomercial


    1. Professional in appearance - well formatted - appears formatted just like a business letter.

    2. Subject line contains information about exactly what the body of the email is providing.

    3. Provides you with a list of what is available, at what price and the procedures for buying it.

    4. No BS or fluff .


    1. They never bothered to learn who they were sending this to, notice the "Dear,", obviously they are sending it to everyone who is listed on the Internet under 'international trade', 'international business' and/or 'import-export'.

    2. They used a number in the return email address - clearly a sign it is SPAM!

    3. They did not provide a complete business address - does this mean they have something to hide - maybe, maybe not - it would be much, much more professional to have their address, especially since they do not have a web site, which brings me to my next BIG NEGATIVE.

    4. NO WEBSITE??? - in today's Internet connected world, if you wish to be considered a serious contender, you need a website and with hosting costs rates at ALL TIME LOWS there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for not having a website.  If you happen to reading this and wish to be taken seriously, get a website, here is a link to a service that provides you with everything you need to build a website step by step and it includes both the hosting and domain name registration, all for one incredibly low rate - do yourself and your business a favor and check it out - NOTE: even with their step by step building process, you may wish to engage their web building services which are also available at industry low rates:

    5. Yahoo / Hotmail Email addresses - this again ties directly into the need for having a web site - with your own domain, you are most often provided with dozens (sometimes hundreds) of different emails you can set up within your OWN DOMAIN NAME!

    Overall, the format of this sample business quote email is excellent, there are still much that could have easily improved it.  

    Your marketing efforts should be "focused" or "targeted" to gain you the best possible response. Sending hundreds or thousands of emails to people, most of whom have NO interest in your products or services only wastes your time (and theirs) and keeps you from focusing your attention on the REAL BUYERS who could easily be identified with just a little bit of research.

Business Introductions By Email - Sample Business Quote

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Making Business Introductions By Email - Sample Business Quote

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