Private Labeling

How do you get Started?

You may have an already established line of private label products and merely wish to add additional formulations. Or you may wish to establish a completely new line. In either instance, our custom vitamin manufacturer can provide you with a convenient and affordable answer to your requirements.

Three available options for private labeling are:

1. If you furnish the labels, only a minimum order of 12 units or more of any size of any product is required.

2. If labels are furnished by our custom vitamin manufacturer for you. Your label design is created "in-house" by our custom vitamin manufacturer's graphic arts department, requiring a small minimum order of only 24 units of any size of any product.

3. Due to design intricacies of some labels an outside printer may be required, making it necessary for a minimum purchase of 500 labels of any size of any product. Our custom vitamin manufacturer will inventory your un-used labels for your future order.

Establishing your own brand name of vitamin products!

Private Labeling your own vitamin brand name is an vital step in establishing and maintenance of your account base.  Marketing products, especially custom blended vitamin supplements, with your name, logo, design, and address on the package goes a long way to helping you ensure customers identify with your company for initial and repeat purchases.

Private labeling is a service that is offered by all three American vitamin manufacturers.  Many options are available for you to apply your own label on the hundreds of stock products or you may decide you wish to establish your own brand name on one or more custom vitamin formulations that are exclusive to your company.

Click images below to see how these sample labels appear on the bottle to the right:

In-House Design & Printing
Custom Vitamin ManufacturerOur custom vitamin manufacturer is pleased to offer label design and printing for most products. Our graphic arts department can work from an existing label concept or create a selection of several new designs for your consideration. The benefits of this service include:

  • Professional and fast service customizing to your specifications!

  • No lead time when you add new products to an established design!

  • No plate charges!

  • An excellent selection of stock label designs is available!

 Just complete our short Questionnaire for complete details and pricing on your private label vitamins.

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