Custom Formulations

Custom formulating your own product line to your exact specifications!

A custom formulation is a product made exclusively for you and your company to your exact specifications. Such custom formulations might range in complexity from a single ingredient to many different components. The custom formulating process may involve the development of a completely new formulation "from scratch" or modifying an existing product. Our custom made vitamins manufacturer currently provides several hundred custom formulations to their established customers and can assist you in every stage of a products development.

All products, whether custom formulations or stock products, are manufactured under conditions that meet or exceed GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.

Your first step to getting started is to simply complete our short Questionnaire.

After careful consideration of each and every aspect of your new or existing formulation, we will provide all pertinent information including pricing, packaging, lead time and, in many cases, samples of an intended product for your approval.

Minimum Orders

One of your most common obstacles to success when searching for custom formulating is the minimum order required. These minimum orders can often exceed 250,000 capsules or tablets or several thousands of pounds of powder for every order!

Not So With Our Custom Formulations!

Our manufacturing process requires only bare minimums of any custom formulation be produced while still providing you with extremely competitive pricing.  Depending upon the type of your product(s), minimums can be as few as:

25,000 2-Piece Capsules

or 50,000 Tablets

or 50 Kilos (approximately 110 lbs) of Powder

Just complete our short Questionnaire for complete details on your custom formulations.

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